Advocacy Gets Results

As part of CAOFs advocacy activities, CAOF engaged the ministry of Agriculture on the poor access to organic inputs by smallholder organic farmers in northern Ghana. This advocacy action was supported by the Busac Fund and its partners, DANIDA, USAID and the European Union. At the end of the advocacy certain agreements were reached between CAOF and the Ministry. But even before the roadmap to the work on the agreements were developed, the ministry identified CAOF as one of the strong partners in the country to conduct a field trial for the new ISO NPK that is to be introduced to Ghana.

The ISO NPK Fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer developed by Chemico, one of the leading input dealer in the world. It is an organic fertilizer and it has been used in other parts of the world and Africa. Chemico wants to introduce this product to the Ghanaian market and as a result the Ministry needs to conduct field research on the product to enable them accept or reject the project based on the specifications given by chemico. Four sites were identified in Ghana and for the northern sector, CAOF was selected to implement the trials.

The Trial

CAOF selected a site in Beo Tankoo in the Bongo district of the Upper East Region of Ghana. The site was cleared and seeds nursed but as a result of an unexpected rainfall during that time of the year the nursery was destroyed. A second nursery was raised and the seedlings transplanted. The farmers were taken through the various protocols and application of the ISO NPK on the trial plots and the usual farmer practices plots were also raised to serve as a control experiment for the demonstration.

The Specific Objectives of the trail was to:

  • Evaluate the effect of ISO NPK on the growth of Green Pepper and Cabbage
  • Evaluate the effect of ISO NPK on the yield of Green Pepper and Cabbage
  • Evaluate the effect of ISO NPK on the shelf life of Green Pepper and Cabbage
  • Evaluate the effect of ISO NPK in reducing plant stress in Green Pepper Cabbage

At the end of the trial the objectives of the trial were met as the growth, yields, shelf life and plant stress levels were far better in the ISO NPK plots than the farmer practice plots. Most of the farmers testified to the fact that the ISO NPK fertilizer was good. It is therefore our hope that the ministry after the evaluation of the trials in the other parts of Ghana will certify the product for sale in the country to help improve the access to organic inputs by small holder farmers in the north. Indeed advocacy gets results and CAOF will continue to source funding to advance organic farming in Ghana through advocacy and other programming areas. You can help CAOF now in cash or in kind.

Second harvest of Green Pepper at Beo Tankoo

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