CAOF through its member organizations train farmers on composting

s working with the Ghana Grows Organic project in order to create a “strengthened and vibrant movement of organic producers and consumers promoting Ghanaian organic products nationally and internationally.” The organisations under CAOF have been working with their farmers, training and educating them on the benefits of organic farming both in terms of income sustainability and environmental sustainability. Currently CAOF has a membership of 17 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) working closely to promote organic farming in Ghana. Our members work with over 17,000 small holder farmers with women representing fifty-nine (59%) of the total number.

CAOF is a coalition of individuals, private, non-profit, voluntary non-governmental organizations in Ghana. The aim of the Coalition is to enhance the development of individuals, Private and Voluntary Organizations and actively engage in policy dialogue with Government to promote an environment, supportive of the development initiatives of its members.

CAOF interventions at the grassroots details a programming framework that builds on indigenous knowledge, reliance and use of local resources and focuses on core areas of sustainable farming and environmental conservation, alternative sources of livelihoods, rural enterprise development and community self-reliance through the process of institution building and training of Community Trainers (CTs) as “lead farmers”. We facilitate formation of farmer groups, sustainable land management committees and train farmers to easily adopt soil and water conservation techniques such as erosion gully control and rehabilitation, composting, tree growing, grass stripping, crop residue management, organic integrated pest management, construction of energy saving mudstoves,  intensive wildfire prevention and management and commodity value chain development among others.

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